Relevant Expertise in Various Types of Corporate Transactions which Deliver Compelling Results

Egard Management Limited, is a team of specialized and knowledgeable professionals. The company is experienced in mergers, joint ventures, spin-offs, general corporate structuring and administration, acquisitions, partnerships, asset restructuring and much more. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

According to the Cyprus statistical service, as of 2017, the number of enterprises in Cyprus has surged to some 97,000. SME’s with less than 50 people accounted for 99.10% of all enterprises, and only 800 firms employeed 50+ people.

A Thorough Approach
in a Noisy Environment

We focus on investing in relationships for the long-term, building up in depth understanding of our clients’ businesses, their culture, their ambitions, so that we are able to tailor, adapt and fit our approach, to help them to achieve their aims.

When clients provide us with their requirements, our team of specialised professionals evaluates and analyses the assigned tasks and aims to present the best possible solutions. We develop specific strategies and provide our clients with a set of customised innovative solutions and opportunities based on the current market and sector insight. 

Our abilities have been developed through years of industry experience and strict adherence to solid and established business fundamentals.